Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Air Cadets from 95 (Crewe) and 100 (Nantwich) Squadrons participated in the parade at Bridgemere Garden World in aid of promoting the Bomber Command Memorial Appeal.

Cadets and Staff from both Squadrons joined forces with Veterans from Bomber Command and helped promote the appeal at Bridgemere Garden World on Sunday 8 August 2010. The appeal is designed to raise money for a memorial to be erected in Green Park in London to honour the 55,573 aircrew who paid the ultimate sacrifice during WWII to ensure our freedom.

Cadets and staff participated in a bespoke parade through Bridgemere Garden World, proudly parading the Royal Air Force ensign, Royal British Legion ensign, 95 (Crewe) Squadron ATC ensign and the 100 (Nantwich) Squadron ATC ensign. The cadets and staff also helped sell raffle tickets for a Bomber Command painting worth over £5000, and helped promote the appeal by rallying support from customers.

The cadets and staff thoroughly enjoyed themselves and felt proud to have been involved with the appeal, which also has its own website www.bombercommand.com.