Friday, 13 May 2011

95 Crewe Cadets are venturing to Cornwall

This year we have 3 Male and 2 Female cadet places and 3 staff places for this year's UK based summer camp. The camp will be at RAF St Mawgan (which is next to Newquay Airport, Cornwall).

We will leave on the 23rd July and return on 30th July, hopefully the weather will be good for us all!

Activities for the camp are still to be confirmed, but we will update soon!

Crewe Cadets involved with Wing Band

This year we have 5 Cadets in the award winning Wing Band:

Cdt Steal, Sgt Montague, Sgt King, Cpl Payne and Cpl Gaffney are all our Squadron musicians and are doing the squadron proud in this marching band.

The marching band goes to different events and have various practices through out the year.

Cadets prepare for the WIng Field Day 2011

Crewe Cadets are very busy preparing for the Wing Field Day which is on 5th June and sees all the squadrons in our wing compete against each other. Last year we did very well and came 2nd. This year we are going to to our very best!

We are entering a range of competitions including:

First Aid
Aircraft Recognition
Banner Drill

Come on 95 Crewe Squadron!

4 Crewe Cadets are Flying Abroad!!

We have had an amazing stroke of luck on the squadron this year and are very proud to announce that we have 4 of our Cadet NCOs jetting off all over the world on overseas camps.

First up we had Sgt Laura Montague who went to RAF Troodos in Cyprus for 10 days.

Next we have CWO Vici Bates who is soon flying with the International Air Cadet exchange (IACE) to Israel on 18 July. For more information about IACE view this link: And then we have Cpl Payne and Sgt King both of whom are going to RAF Troodos in Cyprus for 10 days.

It is very very rare to secure this many overseas places in the same year. We are very proud of our NCOs who managed to get a place and look forward to putting pictures up on the website soon!!

Cadets and Staff prepare for Bolesworth 2011

Last year we rasied an amazing £1600 from Bolesworth. We donated £1000 to our favoured charity help for heros and used £600 to pay for our mini bus.

Bolsworth is a horse riding event where staff, the civilian committee and cadets all pull together and work hard, whilst having fun. This year is a 4 day event and we will once again be in our bright orange squadron T-Shirts.

For more information about Bolesworth view this link:

Cadets prepare for Duke of Edinburgh weekends

We have 5 Cadets about to begin their practice and actual walks for their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award at Delamere Forest.

The Squadron also has a team of Gold Cadets going out this summer!

To find out more about the award view this link:

Swynnerton Easter Camp 2011

95 Crewe Cadets attend Swynnerton Easter Camp 2011

To see what Swynnerton is all about, see the video below