Monday, 17 October 2011

Re-Crewe-tment stand to be at Oakley Centre, Crewe on 29th October

Crewe cadets will have a stand and be showing visitors to the community event what we do and what we are about. We hope the day will bring a much needed boost to our squadron numbers along with helping to show members of the community what we do and what we can offer. Maybe see you there! Photobucket

95 Crewe cadets help put us back on the sporting map!

The last couple of months has seen a fantastic achievement from three of our newest female cadets. After attending the initial trials all 3 Crewe cadets were selected to play for the Wing Hockey team. They faced some tough competition at RAF Cosford and this saw two of the three being selected to play again at the regional level. This is a rare achievement for Crewe as female cadets have not been selected to play at this level before.

The two selected to play for Wales and West region had a fantastic game and ended their last match both scoring a goal each. This saw the team win for the region! So they have now now only represented the squadron, Wing and Region they won the games too! Well done to all three!!

Crewe Squadron sees Change through Promotions

Photobucket 7th October brought some changes with it as some of our cadets found themselves being promoted to the next rank. Cadets had to apply in writing for their promotions, followed by an interview. Promotions were made based on their attendance, commitment and attitude along with their aspirations for the next year. If all of these aspirations are met in the next 12 months then 95 Crewe Squadron is definatley the place to be! Congratulations to all those who were promoted!

95 Crewe Cadets at Battle of Britain Parade

95 Crewe cadets put on their uniforms once again (third parade) to parade in the Battle of Britain parade in Nantwich. The Crewe cadets actually outnumbered the turn out from our neighbouring Nantwich Squadron and once again did the squadron proud by shining their shoes and having very smart uniforms on the day.

Mini bus and two cars of Crewe cadets attend largest Air cadet parade this year!

on 11th September, Cadets from 95 Crewe sqd joined the celebrations for the 70th Anniversary of the Air cadets by marching with over 900 other cadets from Staffordshire Wing in Litchfield. The parade saw every squadron banner, two bands and numerous flights march throughout Litchfield along with attending the service at Litchfield cathedral. It was a rare parade that some cadets will no see or be involved with again and Crewe cadets where on a definite high after taking part!

Cadets take part in Parade for reopening of Queen's Park

Cadets from 95 Crewe took part in the recent re opening ceremony of Queens Park. The parade went from Pyms Lane to the park. It was a very warm day and a long march but the cadets managed to remain look smart throughout the whole parade. we received many comments about their appearance and they really did themselves proud!

Summer Swynnerton Success 2011

7 male cadets and 2 female cadets got chance to experience Summer Swynnerton from 26th August to 1st september. Activities ranged from shooting, flying, learning field craft skills with the Anrmy's tactical Support Unit, Mountain Biking, Drill, Climbing and kayaking.

Crewe cadets really enjoyed themselves and made many new friends.