Monday, 18 June 2012

Crewe Cadets flying high after Wing Field day!

A hot 27 May 2012 brought with it a full day of cadet activities, from Banner Drill to First Aid, Drill teams, to Air Craft Recognition and modelling. 95 Crewe Cadets did the squadron proud with their efforts and improved in the squadron rankings compared to last year.  The cadets were pleased with their progress an so were the staff, shoes were extra shiny but the sun did melt some of the polish!

95 Crewe Cadets Stand out Thanks to Mornflake

95 Crewe Air Cadets have become un-miss-able with the help and support of Mornflake who have recently donated 50 bright orange branded polo shirts to the squadron.   The polo shirts will be worn at a variety of squadron events over the years to come and see Crewe Squadron stand out due to their bright colour.